Motorcycle accidents have become increasing common, with approximately 72.34 fatal crashes per 100,000 registered bikes. This is higher than the rate of crashes for the cars with 13.10 per 100,000 cars.

If you have recently been in a motorcycle accident to no fault of yours, then you’re wondering how you can claim an injury settlement for your loss. First off, consider getting an accident attorney to work on your case.

Second, understand that there are a number of factors that may affect your lawsuit. In order to have a best claim possible, it is necessary to know these factors.

Bias and prejudice exist against motorcycles.

It is in human nature to be prejudiced about certain things. When it comes to a case between a motorcycle rider and a car driver, the jury may unconsciously act biased. In this scenario, they are less likely to award you the claim and thus the settlement offers by insurance adjusters will be reduced as well.

It is therefore important to get into this matter with a concrete case in your hands.

Value of a potential case for parties involved

A potential party may want a certain amount as a plaintiff while defendant may be willing to give an amount lower or higher than that. Valuing a case means guessing this amount for both parties.