1Have you been recently injured in a car accident and wondering how to process with an accident compensation claim? If yes, then you are at the right place.

You can claim compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, or other expenses you may have concurred due to the accident. You can either claim compensation from your car insurance company or from the defendant’s insurance company, if the other driver was at fault.

Here are a few things that you must consider before you file a claim:

Gather all the related information

First off, understand that if another driver caused the accident, you are not directly going to deal with the driver. Instead, you will have to settle your claims by working with their insurance company.

The driver and you are on the scene, but the insurance company isn’t present then. Hence, gather all relevant information related to the accident. This includes names and contact information of the driver, their insurance company, witnesses, and testimonials by law enforcement officers.

If possible, take pictures of vehicle locations, physical damage, and license plates of both vehicles. Understand that claiming compensation will require a lot of information. And so, it should be available when needed.

Sufficiency of information

Also remember that the insurance company is not working for you. If they make you settle for lesser money than is just, they make more money out of it.

So they will argue at two particular points: first, that it was fully or partially your fault; hence you’re liable for only a small amount of your claim. Second, that your provided documentation is not enough to proof your claims.

The process can be frustrating; you will find that they will offer you much lesser than what you are fairly claiming as compensation. There may even come a point at which they’ll claim that they are not going to make a better offer.

Remember that they do not need to reach a settlement. They might suggest that you should either take what they are offering or file a lawsuit.

Types of damages that can be claimed

Property damage claims include damage to your vehicle, personal assets such as laptop computers, rental car use reimbursements, and any other expenses you incurred.

1The information, and supporting documents you provide along with it, will form the basis of the compensation offered to you.

If such documents are not available for any expenses, you will not be compensated for it.

Although they are not required to do so, insurance company will want to settle the claim. Trials can get fairly expensive for them especially if the outcome is not certain.

Injury claims and compensation

Car accidents can be serious resulting in injuries. Legal issues of such cases get very complicated. You may then be entitled to medical expenses as well as lost wages. Compensation for mental and physical suffering can also be claimed.

This is why you should hire a car accident lawyer. The other driver will want to settle the claim quickly as the immediate medical expenses for your injury will be much lesser.

Follow-up appointments and procedures can increase this claim later on. Also consider the fact that some symptoms or injuries may appear in a delayed manner; if you settle too quickly, you will not be able to claim these expenses.

Do you have any questions related to the injury claim? Contact our car accident attorneys for accident related compensation claims and lawsuits.