According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, a whopping 2.5 million people are injured or disabled in road accidents in the United States. This is a clear indication of the safety aspect.

However, most of these unfortunate cases are due to poor or negligent driving. Whether it is speeding or driving in an alcohol-induced state, careless driving is the major cause of injuries and deaths in road accidents.

The Law states that a passenger who has been injured in a car accident has a legal right to file an insurance claim or lawsuit against any driver whose negligence caused the accident. This can mean more than one drivers.

Suing Both Drivers

The scenario in which both drivers are at fault is not rare. Let us take an example: You are in the passenger seat in a car with a driver. Just at the turn of an intersection, he loses his focus because of a beep on his cell phone. As he takes the phone to check his message, another car crashes right into your vehicle. The other driver was drunk. In this and many other cases like this, you are legally allowed to file insurance claims and personal injury lawsuit, if necessary, against both drivers. Once you file the case, it is upon the jury to decide the magnitude of the fault of each party and the damages each would pay due to the accident.

Sue Both Drivers in a Single Lawsuit

After you know that the accident was caused by both drivers’ negligence, you can sue them both in a single lawsuit. If you sue them separately, it will result in a few complications.

If you sue one driver first and the jury comes to the conclusion that the second driver was entirely responsible for the accident, you will have to file a separate case against the second driver.

Moreover, if you do settle the case against the first driver, the jury might find the other driver innocent. This would not only mean huge costs for filing both cases separately, but also that you get compensation from only one driver.

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