Motorcyclists love the idea of freedom and exhilaration that riding on a bike can provide. As fun and exciting as it may be, motorcycle accidents are one of the major occurrences in the United States. Let us take a look at different aspects related to personal injury claims in motorcycle accidents:

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Personal Error

Whether it is due to fatigue or distraction, personal errors can cause many motor cycle accidents.

Traffic Law Violations

These include speeding, changing lanes illegally and failing to follow traffic signals.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

Commonly, motorcycle injuries fall into two major categories: hard injuries and soft tissue injuries.

Hard Injuries

They include:

  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Second and third degree burns

Soft Tissue Injuries

These include:

  • Abrasions and lacerations
  • Sprained ligaments and tendons
  • Whiplash

Determining the Guilty Party in a Motorcycle Accident

Most motorcycle accidents are caused due to negligent driving. All drivers have an obligation towards other drivers, violation of which can cause accidents. When accidents do occur, the victim can file a personal injury claim against the driver or motorcyclist.

When the case goes to trial, it is the job of the jury to decide which party breached the duty of care. With the evidence available, the jury will determine the faulty party. If however, the jury decides that both parties breached their responsibilities, the jury will determine the comparative negligence of each party and settle compensation accordingly.

Proving Evidence of Negligence

When a motorcyclist files an injury claim, it is upon him/her to prove that the accident was caused by the other driver or motorist by providing sufficient evidence.

Here are some ways motorcyclists can gather evidence:

Proof of Wearing the Helmet

Wearing helmet will signify to the jury that the motorcyclist took precautionary measures. If the accident has caused a head injury and you were not wearing the helmet, it will become very difficult for you to convince the jury that you weren’t responsible for your own injury. Make sure you collect enough evidence that will prove that you were wearing helmet on the day.

Surveillance Cameras

If you are true to your word, the surveillance camera record can be the ultimate evidence that will win you the case. Make sure you find surveillance camera records by contacting relevant authority.

Medical Records

Showing medical records is also an excellent way to prove your injuries and support your claim. Get copies of the initial paramedics’ notes, written diagnosis of the on-duty doctor, scan results and so on.

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