If you’re a biker, you understand the thrill and feeling of setting out on the open road with a dynamic motorcycle. Unfortunately, the very attributes that make motorcycles fun and adventurous are also ones that make the ride life-threatening.

Needless to say, most motorcyclists are well aware of the growing number of deaths each year as a result of rash and reckless motorcycling.

Motorcycles are known to be very unsteady and given its size, they are not as visible as cars or trucks.

There are countless reasons why motor cycle accidents take place. Keep reading below to unravel some eye-opening statistics about this growing concern in the US and the kind of accidents people fall victim to:

Motorcycle Deaths in the US

As per the US motorcycle accident statistics, approximately over 4,000 deaths take place as a result of motorcycle accidents every year.

While you may find this to be a small number relative to car accidents, it is equally imperative to realize that this statistic was about 2,000 about 11 years ago. In a decade, the death cases have doubled.

Texas has the highest record of deaths as a result of severe motorcycle accidents with over 500 deadly collisions every year.

Head-On Collision Deaths

Head-on collisions are probably the rarest forms of motorcycle accidents. The results are always disastrous. If not death, they result in severe injuries, including head and brain damage.

Rear-End Collisions

Motorcyclists are susceptible to fatal injuries when motorcycle accidents take place. Riders are not secured with air bags, metal frames, or even seat belts like in a car. When cars get involved in rear-end collisions, escaping the situation is a possibility. However, that’s not the case with motorcycles as the collision mostly results in disastrous injuries.

When cars collide with motorcycles from the back, they can push cyclists travelling at high speeds on the road or into other car ahead.

Modified Motorcycle Deaths

Even though such cases are rare, some fatalities are a result of risky and poor-quality modifications made by motorcycle repair shops, or the owner itself. Such circumstances can arise when motorcyclists are riding at high speeds, leading to sudden malfunctions, and slamming the rider off the road.

In some cases, the motorcycle can even burn down.

The reality of motorcycle accidents is harsh.

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