Wrongful Death

Losing someone you care about is never easy. When you lose a child, parent, spouse, or other loved one as a result of another person or business’s negligence, it can be especially upsetting. In California, the law clearly states that a family member may be able to recover financial compensation for the death of a loved one that was caused by another’s wrongful actions.

Throughout Bakersfield, accidents occur on a daily basis. These auto accidents, truck accidents, work accidents, and motorcycle accidents, can lead to a catastrophic injury or death, and often happen because someone was negligent, careless, or simply not paying attention. If you lost a loved one and you feel it could have been prevented if someone else didn’t make a poor decision, or had obeyed the law, contact a Bakersfield wrongful death lawyer.

Can I Bring A Wrongful Death Lawsuit In California?

Not everyone can bring a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of another person. Under California law, a wrongful death claim for the death of loved one may be brought by that person’s spouse, children, and/or parents depending upon various factors which your experienced personal injury attorney can discuss. It is also important to note that California law clearly states that you cannot wait too long to bring a wrongful death claim or you risk not being able to file the claim.

Wrongful Death Damages Awardable Under California Law

If your loved one died as a result of another’s negligence or unlawful behavior, you may be able to recovery damages. Damages in death cases in California include economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages:

(a) The financial support that lost loved one would have contributed to the family or the life expectancy of the survivor(s);

(b) The loss of gifts or benefits that you would have expected to receive from the lost loved one;

(c) Funeral and burial expenses; and

(d) The reasonable value of household services that the lost loved one would have provided.

Non-Economic damages:

(a) Loss of love, companionship, comfort, care, assistance, protection, affection, society, moral support;

(b) The loss of the enjoyment of sexual relations between spouses; and

(c) The loss of the lost loved one’s training and guidance (in the case of children who survive the death of a parent).

Our experienced lawyers understand that the loss of a loved one is devastating and no amount of compensation will bring that loved one back. But do what we can to make sure that you are taken care of after your loved one’s death. We fight aggressively on your behalf to get the maximum amount of damages possible.

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